Yoga in the Garden

Resting in the shadow of Clark Tower off in the heart of East Memphis, the Yoga Garden at Better Bodies Yoga is a serene and refreshing outdoor space dedicated to healing and introspection. Encircled by 12 fountains and a large shade tree, the garden is home to countless chirping birds, outdoor seating areas and a spacious deck used for private yoga instruction and yoga classes. Inspired by the Healing Labyrinth at Duke Integrative Medicine, the flowing water, greenery and smooth black stones encourage visitors to quiet the mind and clam the nervous system by spending time outdoors – a natural antidote to the frantic pace of daily living.

When weather permits from March to October, teachers may choose to teach their regular classes in the garden. Please call the studio or check our website to see what classes are scheduled in the garden so that you come to class prepared. We recommend when practicing outside that you bring these items listed below to ensure your yoga experience in the garden is pleasurable

  • A yogitoe skidless towel is the best antidote to keep your yoga mat from burning your hands and feet when sunny outside
  • A hat and sunglasses to shade the sun
  • A bottle of water, or purchase one from our vending machine for $1.00
  • An extra towel to wipe excess sweat
  • Additional layers of clothing, especially for evening classes if you tend to get chilled easily
  • Sunscreen and bug spray prior to attending class and if you forget this we always have plenty to go around, just ask!