I came in to buy my daughter a gift certificate for Christmas and ended up signing up for the therapeutic yoga class. Rotator cuff surgery last year and the subsequent inactivity really let my arthritis get the best of me. Six weeks under Karen’s tutelage and I’m stacking my joints, stretching properly, and happily on my yoga journey. I now know how to treat my arthritic pain and stiffness as well as how to prevent it through correct posture. I can’t say enough about the instruction and feedback I received. It was the best thing I have done for me in years.

Jim Brown

Loved the new class with weights. I felt great afterwards and my heart rate was faster. I need this badly!


Yoga gives me a focus and energy that enriches my life. I am grateful for BBY.


We all have our own body movement abilities and limitations. This staff understands that and consistently assists each participant in positioning and modification of techniques for optimum comfort, performance and progress.

Ed Roberts

Awesome experience!


Yoga makes me feel awesome! BBY is awesome for creating this space for us to explore ourselves. Thank you


My golf game has improved!!! I have greater flexibility and muscle strength with a weight reduction of 7 pounds. I am more aware of my poor posture and will continue to work to improve. I have enjoyed meeting all the great people at BBY! Much thanks to all!!!


I am grateful for the diversity of the teachers at BBY.  One thing always remains constant, no matter the type of yoga, is the dedication and wonderful spirit of all the teachers.  I have learned new things from every teacher I have been with!  So many great choices for what my body and spirit need.  Yoga gives me peace, patience and has improved my health!


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