The Great Yoga Wall®

This innovative piece of equipment uses an Iyengar-based system of adjustable straps and harnesses to take your practice to a new level by increasing core strength, stamina, centering and isometric conditioning. The Yoga Wall enables beginners to easily pursue accurate body alignment, achieve postural stability early on and avoid excessive strain on the wrist and ankle joints. More experienced students will find that the Yoga Wall continually challenges their strength and flexibility by allowing them to fine-tune more advanced poses, such as inversions and deep backbends. In addition, the Yoga Wall is an excellent tool for students interested in developing a therapeutic practice for addressing conditions such as joint or muscle injuries, chronic pain, MS, scoliosis and other structural issues.

When weather permits from March to October, teachers may choose to teach their regular classes in the garden. Please call the studio or check our website to see what classes are scheduled in the garden so that you come to class prepared. We recommend when practicing outside that you bring these items listed below to ensure your yoga experience in the garden is pleasurable