Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?
Wear breathable and non-restrictive clothing that allows freedom of movement. Clothing should be tight enough or shirt tucked into pants so it will not fall over your head when on all fours. Yoga is practiced with bare feet. If cold natured, wear layers of clothing that can be peeled off during class. We also sell socks specifically made for yoga.

What should I bring?
If you have your own yoga mat (also called sticky mat), bring it to class. We have mats for sale and rent in addition to a mat storage program. See pricing for details. A Yogitoe towel is required for hot classes and may also be purchased or rented at the studio. Many people bring water bottles and hand towels to class. We have a vending machine in BBY1 with water for sale costing $1.00.

Should I bring my own props?
Yoga straps, blankets, blocks, bolsters, and other needed props are abundantly available for your use in the studio; it is not necessary to bring your own unless you want to.

Should I eat before class and what?
It is best to do yoga on a semi empty stomach. Avoid foods that cause digestive problems such as spicy foods. A light snack is best.

Where should I park?
You can park in front of or behind the main Better Bodies Yoga building at 692 W. Brookhaven Circle, in front of and behind the second building at 696 W. Brookhaven Circle, or in front of and behind the next building over at 700 W. Brookhaven Circle. If parking at 700 W. Brookhaven Circle, you can walk through the yoga garden to the 2nd and main buildings by entering that far gate. (Please remember to close gate after walking thru.)

Where do I check in for class?
All students must pay and check in at the main building prior to attending any classes, workshops, and private lessons. If you have signed up on-line, please still check in at the main office reception desk first to let the reception staff know you are here.

How early should I come to class?
Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the beginning of class to put your belongings up, gather the props needed for class as listed on the dry erase board, and take a moment to calm and center yourself.

How much are classes & do they expire?
There are many options to choose from. Various sized class card packages are available in addition to a single class walk-in price. The larger the class card, the less expensive an individual class costs. Classes may be purchased in the studio or online. Please refer to “Pricing Options” card or website.

Where & how do I purchase classes?
Class cards may be purchased in the studio or online. See “Pricing Options” card or website.

What is the best way to learn the poses?
By attending a variety of classes and by learning from different teachers will expose you to a multitude of instruction styles. Workshops are also an excellent way to learn in addition to taking a private lesson occasionally.

How often should I practice yoga?
Ideally yoga should be practiced 6 days a week. Some days practices should be more vigorous, others gentle, and yet on the rest, they should be more alignment based. Growing a practice in this manner prevents boredom, gives us the opportunity to learn the correct postural alignment, to implement what you’ve learned, and to allow the body to acclimate at a safe rate with discernment.

Which classes should I start in first?
In the main building, you will find printed schedules with bolded classes that are perfect for beginning students to attend. If you enter a class that is too advanced for you, leave within the first 15 minutes and tell the receptionist to find a better fit. If they cannot help you, they will direct you to someone who can.

When should I move to a higher-level class?
We have many different classes, levels, and times available. Please ask your teachers for guidance or talk to the reception staff, who will direct you to someone who can direct you to the appropriate classes.

Should I go to only one teacher?
If there was one yoga style or set of poses that was right for every student, then we would all be practicing the same way. At BBY we honor and support diversity and encourage you to venture throughout the studio, taking instruction from all our teaching staff. Not only will your yoga practice be more balanced, you will be able to always find a class that you can benefit from thus, accommodating life’s endless changes.

Do you offer scholarships or discounts?
We offer special discounts for seniors (62 & over), Military, students with current school ID, and first response individuals. We do not have any “pay what you can” classes on our schedule however; we will give everyone who has a sincere desire to practice yoga regardless of their financial situation the opportunity to do so on an individual and confidential basis. If that is the case for you or someone you know, please contact the manager Anna Buskirk for 15-minute free private appointment with Karen.

Do you have a teacher training program?
Yes, however, there are currently no Teacher Training Certification Programs scheduled at this time.  The next Yoga Alliance teacher training will be a 300-hour in 2020.  Details TBD.

Please check our website regularly for class changes, substitutions, specials, workshops, holiday hours, closings, & cancellations. Please do not rely on our printable schedule for current information; we keep the website updated daily.