About Our Studio

Better Bodies Yoga is an East Memphis studio offering Hatha Yoga, established in 2004. Feng shui detail throughout, immaculate, peaceful and welcoming.  Open seven days a week, numerous classes for every level student from beginner to advanced.  All instructors are 200-hour and above YA (Yoga Alliance) certified who teach with attention to alignment and safety. We provide one free yoga class weekly specifically for individuals with cancer as well as their support persons in memory of Karen’s beloved parents Sylvia and Louis Kirschner, who both died from cancer.  In addition to Hatha Yoga, we specialize in therapeutic yoga for injured, sport specific persons and special populations.  Every class and private lesson ends with our special signature Savasana (final relaxation), comprised of a hot towel (cold in the heated classes) covering the eyes, and a shoulder and neck rub, and feet when time allows.

Our spacious studio consists of three large buildings housing an NBA quality, spring-back wooden floor designed for optimal joint protection, a Great Yoga Wall, Hot Yoga, an outdoor yoga garden with peaceful flowing fountains, and the largest Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy) Cave in Memphis consisting of a Dry Salt Relaxation Room, a private heated Dry Salt Therapy Bed, and a Dry Salt Yoga room.  We have a well stocked boutique with basic yoga clothes, props, mats, books, salt lamps, and salt bath and body products that is open during studio hours.  Our intent is to give the gift of yoga to anyone who desires to incorporate yoga into her/his life regardless of age, size, physical condition, race, religion, or gender in a calm, non-judgmental, invigorating, nourishing, and inspiring atmosphere.

Beyond the threshold of our magnificent doors, you will find a time and space dedicated to discovering and exploring the benefits of Hatha Yoga and Halotherapy (dry-salt).  Rejuvenate, replenish, restore, and invigorate your mind and body while discovering the infinite possibilities within from the practice of yoga coupled with dry salt therapy by joining our unique community.

Inspired by their own training, experience, and interests, our certified yoga teachers perceive their students as whole individuals, celebrating your differences and addressing your challenges.  Their knowledge and energy is combined with a variety of tools including yoga props, pranayama, meditation, heat, and the Great Yoga Wall to guide students on a journey toward mental, physical, and spiritual growth and balance.  Whether your yoga practice begins today or is decades long, you will find guidance, encouragement, and support.


Because Karen lost both parents to Cancer, she has a particular connection to those individuals, who are suffering from this disease, have survived cancer, or who have lost someone to this illness. In 1999, Karen lost her beloved father, Louis Kirschner (A”H) to Lymphoma. In 2001 she ran the Chicago Marathon in her dads memory and raised $26,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In 2006, Karen’s mother, Sylvia Kirschner (A”H), was diagnosed with and quickly died from Leukemia. Karen was given the opportunity to offer her mother some comfort in the hospital through the gift of yoga.

Better Bodies Yoga started and spearheaded what became a community wide fund-raising event with several other yoga studios in Memphis called, “Saluting the Spirit ~ Yoga for Cancer” for two consecutive years with 100% of the funds donated to the Wings Cancer Foundation.  In addition, each Saturday Better Bodies Yoga offers free of charge and in memory of Karen’s parents, yoga classes for anyone whose life has been touched by cancer.

Inspired by her Cancer students who dragged chairs to sit outside behind the 2nd building, and from the magnificent space at Duke Alternative Medicine while taking her therapeutic training, Karen added a serene yoga  When the garden is not in use, Karen opens and encourages all patrons of the studio to bring a book and take advantage of this magnificent outdoor space.